Choirs, Conductors, and Composers Collaborating on a Choral Composition Competition


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• Congratulations to all entrants -- and a special shout-out to prizewinners Jeffrey Cobb, Michael Gilbertson, Sarah Jaysmith, and Lincoln Sandham.

• Please scroll down to see all of our alphabetical listing of Recommended Works. Click on the orange links for composer info/program notes, score PDFs and MP3s where provided, and a direct composer contact link.

• Composers whose work is listed below have all indicated that texts not in the public domain have been used with permission.

• To purchase copies of a score, please contact the composer directly.

• Click the composers name for bio/program notes, where available.

David Avshalomov, Chanukah Tonight     PDF     MP3     contact

David Avshalomov, The Garlic Blessing     PDF     MP3     contact

Rick Bartlett, Breathe On Me, Day!     PDF     MP3     contact

Rick Bartlett, To Go Away     PDF     MP3     contact

Julie Bernstein, Go Tell It On the Mountain (arrangement)     PDF     MP3     contact

Steven Bernstein, On Music     PDF     no MP3     contact

Jeffrey Cobb, In Monte Oliveti     PDF     no MP3     contact

Jeffrey Cobb, Samson     PDF     MP3     contact

Costas Dafnis, Looking Outward     PDF     MP3 exceeds upload limit     contact

R. Michael Daugherty, Morning     PDF     MP3     contact

Wallace DePue, Hold My Hand     PDF     MP3     contact

Wallace DePue, Why Do I Remember Christmas?     PDF     MP3     contact

Christina Dolanc, Ave Maria     PDF     MP3     contact

Bruno Dufresne, Regina Coeli     PDF     MP3     contact

Leonard Enns, I Wonder As I Wander (arrangement)     PDF     MP3     contact

Rachel DeVore Fogarty, Blessed Is the Match     PDF     MP3     contact

Jason Fuemmeler, Jabberwocky     PDF     MP3     contact

Michael Gilbertson, Where the Words Go     PDF     MP3     contact

Patrick Greene, My Dearest Friend     PDF     MP3     contact

Aiden Hartery, SüBer Friede     PDF     MP3     contact

William Healy, Dad's Pocket     PDF     MP3     contact

Sean Hussey, Lord Ronald (arrangement)     PDF     MP3     contact

Sarah Jaysmith, The First Spring Day     PDF     MP3     contact

Lane Johnson, She Sat and Sang     PDF     MP3     contact

David Lipten, A Widow's Song     PDF     MP3     contact

Liam Moore, The Lake Isle of Innisfree     PDF     MP3     contact

Richard Moriarty, Agnus Dei     PDF     MP3     contact

Justin Pounds, Music When Soft Voices Die     PDF     MP3     contact

Paul Reale, I Would Not Paint     PDF     MP3     contact

Lincoln Sandham, Falling Slowly in Love     PDF     MP3     contact

Andrey Stolyarov, O Magnum Mysterium     PDF     MP3     contact

Nicholas Weininger, it may not always be so; and i say     PDF     MP3     contact

2014 Edition - SATB